Washing instructions

How do you retain the quality of your boxershorts?

In order to assure the quality of your boxershorts, we have some washing instructions that we recommend you follow. Just browse through them, so you know how to handle your product and remain the best quality!

1. Wash at 30° Celsius

Our boxershorts are best to be washed at 30° Celsius. Of course, if you want to wash your boxershorts at a higher temperature, you have our blessing! But please note, that the fabric could get damaged!

2. Use of the dryer is not necessary

The quality of the boxershorts will remain longer when you do not use the dryer. If you do want to use the dryer, please take into consideration that the fabric might get damaged. Further, it could damage the elastic band, and therefore your perfect fit. So if you have the possibility to avoid using the dryer, please do so.


3. Do not use bleach

It is not necessary to use bleach when washing your boxershorts. The use of bleach will affect the quality of the fabric. Also, it will affect the colour of your boxershorts, which is of course not your intent!

4. Wash the boxershorts with like colours

We advise you to wash your boxershorts with like colours. This means that you should wash your black boxershorts with other black clothing. The same goes for your white boxershorts. It’s all that simple!

Always use the right washing products to maintain the best quality!

5. Ironing is not necessary

Ironing your boxershorts isn’t really needed. If you like ironing your boxershorts, we’d advise you to do this on the lowest temperature.

6. Inside out

Always wash the boxershorts inside out. This will maintain the quality of the boxershort.

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