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What you need to know about our boxershorts!

In (boxer)short!

Every man wears them, boxershorts. The concept of boxershorts as we know it made its introduction in the nineties. Since then, it is impossible to imagine life without this garment. Most certainly, it is the first piece of clothing you put on and the last you take off. Therefore, you wear this piece of clothing the longest making it important that the fabric is comfortable on your skin and of good quality.


What makes a boxershort a comfortable boxershort? 

This is of course a difficult question to answer in just a couple of sentences. Where one finds a certain brand or model very comfortable, the other might find this fit extremely uncomfortable. Comfort all depends on the person, and in the case of boxershorts, posture also plays an important role.

However, what is important for every body type, is that the boxershort feels comfortable on the body. We distinguish ourselves by providing a wide elastic band. This gives good support and feels tight on the body. Furthermore, the band is stitched in such a way that you do not feel the stitching on your body. This prevents irritations to the skin and increases the comfort of the boxershort.

Next to the comfortable band, the fabric that we use is of very soft cotton. In order to make this suitable for every body type, the cotton is processed with a small percentage of elastane. This fabric ensures the stretch in our boxershorts. The stretch gives a soft and soothing feeling on the skin, which contributes to the total comfort of our boxershorts.

Another area of discomfort is the legs rolling up while wearing the boxershort. In order to prevent this, our legs are slightly longer. This creates a perfect fit on the body, and the boxershort stays in its place while active throughout the day and reduces the chances of the legs rolling up.

All in all?

Thanks to the boxershort revolution in the nineties, this undervalued and unnoticed piece of garment has grown into a true fashion item. An item which every man (and more and more women) have in their closet. It is very important that next to appearance, they are also very comfortable!


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